The DaVinci Road -- Blazing a Trail for Learning

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Rebekah Anast brings her unique perspective to her newest book, The DaVinci Road. I half-expected to find tales of her jungle adventures, fun childhood, devotional gems, poetry or parenting tips. By the time I reluctantly turned the last page, I had not been disappointed. All of this and more are contained in The DaVinci Road.

The DaVinci Road expounds upon the learning method of observation to arrive at a conclusion. The author reflects upon her varied experiences and brings them into the classroom setting and beyond. Using DaVinci as her model, she encourages others to look and see the evidence for themselves. She urges all of us to continue to seek, to chase after the truth and to not grow complacent in that endeavor.

Her observations about life, children and academic instruction are sprinkled throughout along with some of her favorite recipes. She shares methods that have worked for her and others when dealing with a learning difficulty. The reader is left with a challenge to pursue the adventure that is this life with both eyes and ears wide open.

If you are interested in receiving a free ebook, here's the author and her husband with details on how this can be done.

NOTE: If you've got a computer and an Amazon account, you can use their Kindle application free. In other words you don't need a smartphone or some other personal electronic device (other than your computer) to read the book online. Here's the link for Kindle https://kindle.amazon.com/


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