Self-reliance Recession-proof Your Pantry

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Complex food preservation instructions can be overwhelming. That's why I think Self-reliance Recession-Proof Your Pantry is wonderful. At less than 140 pages, it is precise and concise without wasting lots of ink. Jackie Clay is a prolific writer with Backwoods Home Magazine. Jeffrey Yugo, Sylvia Gist and Linda Gabris join Jackie in offering their words of wisdom on this topic.

One of the things I like most about this reference tool is that you needn't be planning to build a bomb shelter to implement these methods. Use as much as you'd like to stretch your own food budget. Whether you are wanting to set aside some overflow from the garden or if you are looking for a way to cut grocery expenses, you can use these methods to create an economic cushion and stretch your hard-earned dollar.

Learn the mechanics of rotating your storage, what you need for successful storage, how to can and what to can. A section in the book is also devoted to drying, smoking and pickling your foods. You'll learn what tools you need and what methods work best for people that have plenty of experience.

Jackie Clay has weathered the seasons and dealt with the challenges that have arisen as she has worked to make her 120-acre homestead successful. I get tired just reading about all that she has done! I've never been tempted to encourage her to slow down . . . I'd likely have to climb a ladder to chase her down. It wouldn't surprise me if she handed me chores to do while we talked!

If you're interested in reading a sample of Jackie's work, here's an article by her that you might find interesting: Jackie's Tips for Hard Core Homesteading


Our family subscribes to Backwoods Home Magazine, and we enjoy it very much. They leave room in their editorials for divergent opinions. Occasionally, I find myself on opposite sides of an issue. However, Backwoods Home consistently offers valuable information for anyone looking for ways to become more self-sufficient and avoid being at the mercy of fluctuating markets. Having a subscription is like purchasing a tuition to a varied seminar delivered right to your home. For our family, it's money well spent.


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