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Let me tell you about a company that has been a wonderful blessing to me and my family on our journey to healthy living on a tight budget.

iHerb.com finds popular products and supplements and makes them available at low prices. Even better, with minimum purchases, they offer free shipping. That's a BIG savings when you are purchasing a heavy product such as organic coconut oil. I save gasoline, time and money when I purchase from iHerb because their prices are often lower than those offered by my local retailer -- And iHerb delivers!

Low prices and deals on shipping aren't all that iHerb offers. There is also a page on their site that offers FREE items. That's right, they often have sample size and introductory offers that you can include in your cart on checkout. There have even been instances when I was in a rush with my order, didn't select any freebies and they STILL slipped some treats into the box.

Household items, toiletries, grocery items, herbs, and supplements are all available. I've often found myself running across an expensive brand name supplement while researching a condition only to find it at a much lower price at iHerb.

For additional savings, when you make your first purchase from iHerb, use the discount code ZOS006 when you check out. Just cut and paste it -- ZOS006. That will knock $5 off your total! This is part of their REWARDS program for their customers. Once you've become a customer of iHerb, you can enjoy additional savings by recommending them to others. Sign up and you'll be assigned a code number that you can share with others for big savings. You can read more iHerb's reward program on their information page.

Even if you don't wish to purchase anything right away, you'll still want to check out their web site. They include a page of links that are valuable to anyone who would like to look over a natural library, medical library or research some conditions. Also included are links to cutting edge health practitioners. It's even a nice site to visit if you want to be sure you are getting a good price on an item. My personal rule is that if another retailer is able to beat iHerb's price and shipping savings, THAT'S a good price!

I've always received very speedy service from iHerb. I've had to change orders and found them to be very willing to accommodate me. Friendly people, great service, quality products and low prices. If you haven't shopped there yet, you'll be glad you found them. This is one company I am glad to recommend to friends and family.


Betty Boop Smith said...

Great! I'm thinking of bars of soaps . I went back to regular soap because body washes were drying out my skin. I use Camay. Thanks for info!

cowgal jazzy said...

I bought stuff today from iherb and got my own special code! ty for recommending this !

Kay said...

They are truly a great vendor. Right now, they are offering free shipping on orders of $20 or more. A BIG savings!

I recently placed a large order with them. A couple of items broke in transit. It's the first time that's happened! I used their online customer service chat (first time) to notify them of the problem. Even though I had salvaged some of the product, they resent the damaged items FREE OF CHARGE. Not only that, but they tossed in free samples!

It's like stepping back in time to do business with these good people! Amazing customer service! ♥♥♥

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