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This video is great by itself and even better as a compliment to volume 1. MAKING HERBS SIMPLE VOLUME 2 has all of the features I enjoyed in volume 1 and more.

Once again, Shoshanna takes you into the wooded areas around her home and introduces you to a variety of herbs in their natural habitat. Art projects, syrups, yummy teas, and healthful remedies are all part this video. Shoshanna teaches viewers how to make a healing salve. You'll learn about a herb that can be used as a laundry detergent and cleanser. Debi, a retired midwife, returns to discuss nutritive herbs that boost female reproductive health. Kristen testifies to the effectiveness of a home remedy for poison ivy.

You'll want to watch it from start to finish when it arrives. However, this isn't a DVD to be left sitting on a shelf. It's segmented into topical chapters and bonus features that are easily accessed from the menu, helping you review portions as needed. This video is highly entertaining, but also very educational! It would be a great compliment to a more indepth study of each of the herbs.

For added convenience, Bulk Herb Store has also included a handy pocket guidebook printed on heavy stock and in full color. This means that you will have images that help you identify the plants as well as printed recipes for the applications mentioned in the video. There's even a hardiness zone map with corresponding information on each featured herb. It's nice to see that Bulk Herb Store continues to look for ways to give more information to their customers.

MAKING HERBS SIMPLE VOLUME 2 would be a great gift for anyone that wants to find inexpensive ways to incorporate herbs into every day life. . . . That is, if you don't just decide to keep it for yourself!

FOR A LIMITED TIME, Bulk Herb Store is making BOTH volumes 1 & 2 available for one low price. FOLLOW THIS LINK for more information.

Below, find an excerpt from the DVD MAKING HERBS SIMPLE, VOLUME 2


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