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MAKING HERBS SIMPLE takes the viewer into the woods of Eastern Tennessee. Shoshanna locates nine herbs in their natural habitat and gives the viewer tips on how to recognize them. Later, she joins her friend Kristen to demonstrate how to dry herbs for storage and how to use them to make poultices and simple tinctures. Along the way, you learn interesting tips and tidbits about the properties and uses of each plant.

If you've ever wondered about other ways to use the herbs growing around your home, you'll be glad you watched this. This video isn't just for wildcrafters. Hints for how to incorporate packaged dried herbs are discussed. It's nice to see what the plants look like growing wild, even if you normally use them dried.

That's not all! There's a segment featuring the herbalist's herbalist, Debi Pearl. Shoshanna and Debi discuss how to preserve herbs and create your own remedies to meet your family's unique needs.

I appreciated the way the DVD is segmented into topical chapters. If you need to review some information, just go to the menu and select the desired subject -- no need to fast forward through other footage! This feature is great for teachers who might want to reinforce botanical lessons with short video clips.

Bonus features include a demonstration of how to use Bulk Herb Store's BEAUTIFUL HAIR herbal blend. These scenes are humorous at points as you discover beauty can be a messy business! The DVD comes with a booklet that gives you summary information and full-color pictures of the featured herbs. The companion guidebook is sturdy and pocket-sized so that you can easily take it with you to help identify these plants in your own backyard or keep it handy as a quick reference for selecting just the right ingredients for cooking, teas and other uses.

MAKING HERBS SIMPLE makes a sometimes overwhelming subject fun. It's an encouragement to people on all levels of expertise to enjoy getting creative with preparations and applications. It's a reminder that herbs can be simply and joyfully incorporated into daily life.

Whether you are interested in natural medicine, herbs, or plant identification, MAKING HERBS SIMPLE is great to own or give as a gift.

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