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The internet is becoming an information lifeline to more and more people. The World Wide Web offers users the ability not only to retrieve information, but to interact with others and ask questions. This flexibility has resulted in the forming of virtual communities, more popularly known as social networks. These are groups of people with common interests that exchange ideas and information, forming relationships between persons that may not meet face to face.

Author Debi Pearl introduces an internet community called ThreadTree in her new book The Vision. Using ThreadTree, two of the main characters make first contact. Rather than a fictional element of Debi’s story, ThreadTree, it turns out, is very real (http://www.threadtree.com/). This is just ONE of the fact-based elements woven into the plot of The Vision (ISBN: 978-0981973708).

James and Shoshanna Easling, owners of the Bulk Herb Store (www.bulkherbstore.com), are the originators of ThreadTree. The site seems to have found a niche. It promises to be popular as it has more than tripled its membership in July. This, while still in its infancy.

ThreadTree (http://www.threadtree.com/) is targeted toward individuals who are interested in herbal remedies, natural health and self-sustaining life skills. However, ThreadTree is flexible enough to include other side-interests for its participants. Members have the capability to customize their own page, write blogs, join groups and engage in discussions. Additionally, there are plans to incorporate extensive database functions where members can research various herbs and health conditions.

In The Vision, Debi Pearl has managed to weave a story that often leaves the reader wondering where fiction ends and reality begins. Get your copy of The Vision by Debi Pearl today, and check out ThreadTree.


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