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Debi Pearl writes about how a medicinal brew is concocted from berries and herbs in her latest book, The Vision. The methods used are real although the story is a work of fiction.

Nutrient contents of plants and fruit, whether organic or wild-crafted, can be preserved by fermentation. The naturally occurring alcohol acts as a nutrient and enzyme preservative. The medicinal and beneficial properties of herbs and other fruit preserved in this method can be stored at room temperature for long periods.

It is important that all of your utensils and equipment are very clean when you make your own elixir. Distilled water (or the purest water you have access to) is a good choice for this process. Clean equipment and jars with boiling water. A chlorine bleach solution may be used to clean surfaces -- five gallons of water to one capful of bleach -- but this must be thoroughly rinsed. Take care in rinsing; even a small amount of chlorine will ruin your brew, leaving it tasting and smelling foul.

1. Choose a blend of herbs and berries. Place one cup of this mixture into your cleansed blender.
2. Grind this into a pulp. Add a few drops of distilled water, if necessary.
3. Pour the contents of the blender into a CLEANED quart jar with three fourths of a cup of honey.
4. The jar should be filled with distilled water leaving a space of about 3 inches at the top.
5. Stir the contents of the jar three times each day for a week, moving the pulp from its resting place on the jar's bottom.
6. In order to keep out flying pests, cover the jar with a clean cloth secured tightly with a rubber band.
7. In a matter of days, you will observe the liquid starting to bubble.
8. The bubbling action will slow when a couple of weeks have passed.
9. In 21 days, it will be time to store your brew. Pour the liquid off of the sludge (leaving it behind) into a new clean storage jar.
10. An ounce each evening is a tonic dose.

You will have a bit less than 32 ounces of liquid. Read The Vision by Debi Pearl to get her recipe for Berry Herbal Brew. It yields a gallon.

Click on the video below to preview The Vision


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