Plexus Ingredients Price Comparison

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I'm all for a bargain.
   I like quality, but I want it at a good price!

After I found out how GREAT Plexus Slim works, I started to wonder how the retail price for this drink would compare to a month's supply of the ingredients.

I read the label on my pack of Slim and started shopping. Of course, I don't have the 'secret formula' for HOW these ingredients should be mixed. For this reason, I just read the labels on each item to determine how much the directions said should be used each day. I compiled this table to break down how much a day's worth of each item would cost. These were totaled to give a total price per day, multiplied by 30 for a price per month.

And the results....
Except for polydextrose, prices are from iHerb.com at the time of this post -- 11/5/13

ALPHA LIPOIC ACIDSource Naturals, Alpha Lipoic Acid,
60 Capsules1 capsule daily without meals60$12.31$0.21
BEET ROOT EXTRACTNature's Way, Beet Root100 Capsules, 500 mg2 capsules, 3x daily with food50$6.61$0.13
CHLOROGENIC ACIDLife Extension, CoffeeGenic, Green Coffee Extract, 200 mg, 90 Veggie Caps1 capsule before each heavy meal30$18.75$0.63
CHROMIUM GTFNow Foods, GTF Chromium200 mcg, 250 Tablets2 tablets per day75$7.63$0.10
CITRIC ACIDNow Foods, Citric Acid4 oz
(113 g)
1 tsp per quart water24$4.03$0.17
CITRIN K (GARCINIA CAMBOGIA)Source Naturals, Garcinia 100090 Tablets1 tablet, 2x day, 1 hour before meal45$15.40$0.34
GRAPE SKIN EXTRACTLife Extension, Whole Grape Extract
60 Veggie Caps
1 capsule daily60$27.00$0.45
OXYPREGNANE STEROIDAL GLYCOSIDE (extract from Hoodia Gordonii)Nature's Way, Hoodia, Standardized60 Vcaps2 calpsules, 30 minutes before each meal10$17.00$1.70
POLYDEXTROSEHoneyville Grain5 pound bag1 TBSP per quart180$21.99$0.12
STEVIA EXTRACTFrontier Natural Products, Powdered Stevia Extract4 oz
(113 g)
1/2 tsp per quart48$24.99$0.52
Total $ Per Day$4.37
Total $ Per Month $131.01

I was more than a little shocked. My figures don't reflect shipping and handling. We are just talking retail, but WOW. Based upon prices at this writing, you are saving around $50 per month by purchasing Plexus Slim's 30-day pack.

Not only does this product cost less than other weight loss programs & solutions, but it even costs less than if you purchased each individual ingredient.

They've already done the formulation, so you don't have to play mad scientist. Just open the convenient packet, pour it into a bottle of water and shake until it's mixed. That's it. You don't have to schedule doses throughout the day. It's just one simple, pleasant-tasting drink and YOU'RE DONE!

If THAT's not enough savings, you can select the lower 'preferred customer' price at checkout and receive automatic monthly shipments of Plexus Slim. Want more savings? Pay for an annual membership and enjoy your Plexus Slim at wholesale prices.

AND it all comes with a 60-day money back guarantee!


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