SARA SUE LEARNS TO YELL AND TELL, a Children's Book About Safety

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When we buy read-to-me books for our children, we look for colorful images, fun text and characters our kids will love. You'll find all of that and more in Debi Pearl's latest book in her yell and tell series: SARA SUE LEARNS TO YELL AND TELL.

The 'more' is the important lesson that SARA SUE brings. She tells kids that sometimes there is a very good reason to YELL AND TELL. When I was a little girl, we learned about fire drills and earthquake safety at school. Long before we were allowed to go by ourselves, we were taught how to cross a street. We weren't even allowed to play with matches, nor did we live near a forest, but a big bear assured us that only WE could prevent forest fires. All of these lessons were delivered with catchy phrases and colorful images. Eventually, when these challenges presented themselves, we were prepared.

That's what SARAH SUE LEARNS TO YELL AND TELL does for children. This book takes the topic of child predators and breaks it down into manageable information for children. There's nothing graphic or overwhelming for small ones to process. Rather, everything is broken down into terms a young child can easily comprehend. The text is delivered in a rhyming verse that makes it fun for children to chime in and read along.

What a wonderful gift for your children to give them the gift of preparation and information. We really do live in a different world. It's a fact that crimes committed against children are on the increase. Society is more and more tolerant of evil. Child predators have easy access to awful images that feed their imaginations -- and they've become better at hiding their crimes. They know how to develop trust and distract adults. They prepare themselves for just the right opportunity. . .

That's why its SO important for our little ones to be KNOW what to do when someone approaches them in a wrong way. What a GREAT gift to give children: to let them know that THEY can do something to put a stop to the things bad people do! SARA SUE LEARNS TO YELL AND TELL helps drive away the fear and hopelessness that can come and reminds children that they can stand for what is right. They can YELL AND TELL.

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I think it's wonderful that this grandmother took the time to create a tool that wouldn't just help keep her own grandchildren safe, but helps keep ALL children safe.


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