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A popular pharmaceutical taken for bone loss can actually lead to broken bones 3 to 4 years after beginning the prescription. How is this possible? While the bones become thicker, they do so because the natural rate of bone loss is slowed by the drug. Just as with skin, the human body is designed to lose and rebuild bone cells throughout a lifetime. So, while a medicated individual may have thicker bones, these are the result of old bone that is retained, not an increase in the production of new, strong bone. This old, thickened bone is actually brittle and weaker, leading to breaks that occur during relatively gentle bumps and stumbles.

Another possible contributor to decreased bone density is pasteurized milk and milk products. Calcium contained in pasteurized dairy products is not bio-available to the human body, and may be linked to some degenerative diseases.

There ARE alternative ways to increase bone density AND strength naturally.

The first method is to participate in weight bearing exercise. These are often low-impact activities that include stretching and balance exercises, walking, dancing and weight-lifting.

The second method is by using an eggshell calcium supplement. Eggshells are about 95% calcium carbonate crystals and contain 27 essential microelements which are bio-available (absorbable) in the human body. One study showed that eggshell powder taken in combination with vitamin D3 improved bone mineral density without increasing blood calcium levels. A teaspoon of powdered eggshell (about one whole egg) offers nearly 800 mgs of calcium and other microelements including magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, manganese and others. There are over 27 elements available in an eggshell which is similar in composition to that of human bones and teeth.

To make your own calcium supplement, you will need to use shells from organically fed, free range birds. Chemicals and antibiotics given to birds are bound in the shells of their eggs. Free range birds produce eggs that have a greater mineral content.

1. Wash empty eggshells in warm water until all of the egg white is removed. Don’t remove the membrane because it contains important nutrients for the joints which helps arthritis.
2. Immerse empty shells into boiling water for about 5 minutes to kill any pathogens.
3. Let them air dry thoroughly on a paper towel.
4. After they are dry, grind them in a coffee grinder.
5. Store the powdered eggshells in a covered glass jar. Store in a dry place.
6. Take ½ teaspoon each day. This powder can be added to your favorite beverage or sprinkled on your favorite food.

This article is presented for information purposes only and not intended as a substitute for trained medical care. The reader assumes all liability, should be informed, and exercise common sense when incorporating these methods.


Treasures from a Shoebox said...

I tried the boiled eggshell water mixture, but this sounds SO much easier. Thanks Kay!

Kay said...

You're most welcome! I also prefer the versatility of this as I can add it to any of my favorite drinks (Kombucha or water), add it to my bone broth, take it alone or just sprinkle it over whatever. For me, this works well especially if I'm trying to introduce it to a little one. :-)

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