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With a few simple ingredients you can make your own salve as a substitute for petroleum jelly, lip balm, a skin soother and other applications. I prefer to never place petroleum products on the skin.

The basic recipe for a salve is to warm 2 ounces of oil on a LOW heat and add 2 tablespoons of grated beeswax. Stir this until completely melted and blended with the oil. Pour your mixture into a small, shallow glass jar. When it cools, it will be solid. Mixing small amounts allows you to use the salve without needing to add preservatives for long term storage.

This basic recipe can be varied using oil infused with your favorite soothing herbs. I like to use infused olive oil and coconut oil in combination. This reduces the amount of beeswax required as coconut oil solidifies as it cools to room temperature (that is, if your room temperature isn’t very warm). Coconut oil also has some anti-microbial properties.

After you’ve added your beeswax, you can consider adding other ingredients.
• A capsule of vitamin E oil increases the beneficial properties of your salve for the skin. Pierce the capsule and squeeze the contents into your blended oil and beeswax.
• One half teaspoon of raw honey will act as a preservative and is also soothing to the skin.
• You may add your selection of essential oil for fragrance. However, read labels carefully to be certain the oil is approved for skin application.**
• About seven drops of tea tree oil will act as a preservative. Be mindful of the strength of your tea tree oil. Some are stronger than others and can be irritating, so don’t overdo. **

Really, it is as simple as that. You can create your own wonderful combination. Fill small baby food jars for thoughtful gifts, adding your own decorative touch to the jars. These salves are versatile and can be used as everything from a lip balm (with added flavorings) to a muscle relieving rub. I prefer to use herbal blends that are limited to 2 to 4 ingredients. I look for herbal qualities that work well in concert with each other.

Infuse extra virgin olive oil with dried goldenrod using the heat method. Let oil heat in a double-boiler over simmering water for 3 to 4 hours or longer. I use about 2 cups oil to 1 cup dried herb. When removed from heat, strain herbs, retaining the oil in a mason jar and add about 1 more cup of coconut oil, blending well.

The next day, infuse this oil (the blended olive and coconut oil) with another cup of goldenrod and a cup of dried plantain, allowing this to heat over simmering water for another 3 to 4 hours or more.

Again, strain the herbs off of the oil. Place a 2 tablespoons of beeswax in a small jar (generous tablespoons if you are using a larger, jelly jar), 1 to 2 capsules of vitamin E oil (pierce the capsules and squeeze out the contents into the jar) and a ½ teaspoon of raw honey. Then add your infused oil, stir until the wax and other ingredients are well blended and melted. If the wax does not melt, you can set the closed jar back into the water you used earlier for infusing the oil and warm it gently.

Once blended, allow this to cool. It will harden into a nice salve texture. Plantain has styptic properties which mean it helps stop bleeding, eases inflammation, itching and pain. Goldenrod acts as an antiseptic and soothes strains, sprains and sore muscles. I love the smooth texture of this salve and how nicely it penetrates the skin. Because of the basic ingredients, I would use this on baby’s bottom, chapped lips, blemishes and scrapes or rashes. This remedy can be applied repeatedly and liberally for tired, inflamed muscles.

If the salve is too hard, warm it again and add more oil, blend and allow to cool. If the salve is too soft, warm the salve and add more beeswax. Once cooled, check the salve to see if it is satisfactory.

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NOTE: This article presents ideas and information designed to enrich the reader. This is NO substitute for personalized professional care. The opinions and ideas expressed are fallible and that of the author. Readers are encouraged to be well-informed and draw their own conclusions.


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