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Investigators of nature are glad to be able to learn about a portion of the processes that are part of the daily orchestra of nature. Pieces of an intricate puzzle fit precisely into place and result in breathtakingly beautiful sunsets or the dazzling display of a rainbow. These students are not just passive observers of nature. Rather they are connoisseurs whose understanding brings a depth to their experience and appreciation that is profound. The more nature is comprehended, the more a careful observer can see the fingerprints of God.

Too often, it seems that believers are at odds with science and a pursuit of knowledge. There is a contingent that fears the underpinnings of their faith will be removed if they examine the facts too closely – like staring at the sun too long could rob you of your sight. Sadly, these have traded their faith for superstition; a fearful belief that is anchored in ignorance.

It is refreshing to encounter a seeker – someone that delights in learning how things are designed – someone that sees nature as a testament to God’s creative genius. It is this perspective that can look at the intricate detail of cellular structure or the grandeur of the universe and be compelled to sing praises. Nature truly does declare the glory of God!

Debi Pearl’s latest book, THE VISION is the type of book that speaks of just such a wonder and curiosity about nature as it reflects God’s workmanship. THE VISION takes readers on a tour of nature that marvels at God’s handiwork. Debi Pearl writes of the human body, human nature and even plant and animal life with the perspective of one that delights in knowing the Maker of them all. Refreshingly, she does not portray characters without flaws or circumstances free of difficulty. She portrays life and relationships as fragile and sometimes tenuous. Yet in their very weakness, she writes of characters that reach out to their one sure Source of strength and hope.

Debi Pearl writes of the extraordinary as though it is common, and she writes of the ordinary as though it is miraculous. Her characters are very human, assailed with flaws and worries, but they approach life in a way that speaks of their faith and challenges the reader to do the same, searching for the answers.

Throughout the volume, Mrs. Pearl seems to be taking her readers on an educational stroll. It’s as though she has said, “Let’s walk a while; there’s something I’d like to show you.” While weaving her tale, she tosses in tidbits of useful information and current events that leave you hungering to know more. THE VISION educates without mindless drills. THE VISION doesn’t just deliver information, it encourages investigation. Debi Pearl has managed to produce a work that whets the appetites of readers for the next in the series. Get your copy of THE VISION today.

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